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“What are REITs?”: According to Investopedia, a “REIT has two unique features: its primary business is managing groups of income-producing properties and it must distribute most of its profits as dividends.” REITs stands for the term Real Estate Investment Trusts. A REIT is a trust fund that holds or invests in properties, some of which can be rental properties. Its major incomes are rental returns and it is obligated to distribute most of its profit as dividend to its holders. REITs can be very stimulating tools for the purpose of accumulating income making assets. As investors, we just need to invest a small amount to own part of the shopping mall, offices, lands, etc. through REITs. We can sell it anytime and easily through stock markets. The transaction cost to buy and sell REITs is low as compared to normal properties. We can own a diversified portfolio of properties. The usual property investments cannot provide these benefits. Today’s turbulent economic landscape presents increasingly complex challenges. Liquidity and financing risks, corporate governance, risk management, regulatory reform, infrastructure development, and organizational issues caused by consolidation, growth, and systems evolution are among them.

Selecting the right professional services firm – one with the industry depth, knowledge, and insight to help clients address their most pressing issues and realize the opportunities ahead – can be critical to success. Call us today for a talk to a Financial Advisor who is qualified to build REIT portfolios.

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